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    HELLO fellow SJ's.

    I am curious... are there any abused and/or neglected SJ's around? I am referring to childhood, of course... and also not in the sense of what some people would potentially assume is abuse or neglect if their parents were just a little too hard on them... I mean like actual physical gun-to-the-head abuse or waking-up-and-no-one-is-home-when-you-can't-even-reach-the-bread kind of neglect.

    I know this is a tough subject... luckily, if you are anything like me, could quite easily communicate through a computer screen... (HA!!!! Dare you to try this with me in person and walk away with all your skittles in tact)


    I am interested in your coping mechanisms.... what did you do as a child to survive on not become an emotional wreck... did these mechanisms follow you into adulthood... was it easy or still is easy for you to be emotionally manipulated, especially by NJ figures?

    ... How do you function now as an adult?... and have you consulted a therapist? If yes, for how long before you had all the tools you needed to survive independently?

    ... What personalities are you currently surrounded by? Are they of ANY help to you at all?

    ... For those who have children... are you hard on your own children or are you more compassionate... have some of you experienced that your children attract abusive relationships with their friends and does anyone know why?



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    I know of an INFJ here that was abused she's pretty open about it, sorry i wish i could help but without sounding better than I'm neither an SJ nor was abused or neglected hopefully someone will reply. i'm just bumping this up in hopes other will see. this is not a supportive post but rather a hey look someone needs support and someone who can please look post.
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    Oh hi! That sounds intense. Do you care to tell more of your story here? There might be others who can relate to it, even if they are not an SJ.

    I have a SIL that suffered that kind of neglect as her own mother had issues including DID. My SIL suffers predominantly from poor health due to lack of nutrition in her formative years, and PTSD, which she (was) receiving ongoing therapy for. She is in a happy marriage with my brother. They have adopted a boy and seem happy.

    It's good you are opening up about it. That is one of the first steps in feeling better!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicky Castle View Post
    what did you do as a child to survive on not become an emotional wreck
    As a child I was too ignorant to even realize that some of the things that happened to me were questionable.

    How do you function now as an adult?
    I'm fine for the most part.

    have you consulted a therapist?

    What personalities are you currently surrounded by? Are they of ANY help to you at all?
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