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    Quote Originally Posted by DisneyGeek View Post
    I'm so terribly unproductive that I give SJs a bad name. Please help me!
    I'm not always efficient but I can be pretty productive. I get a deep sense of accomplishment from getting things done and achieving things. I enjoy it.

    Not sure how one can change that if they don't feel that way but it makes a big difference for me if it's something I'm passionate about or if I'm somehow competing and trying to win.

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    Just did horrendously shitty on an exam this afternoon because I was too much of a lazy fuck to study. I did freaking excellent on the first two exams because I actually put in effort. They're always straightforward, but they have an assload of information to know. The sad thing is, the subject actually interests me. I don't know how far I have to go to ever be motivated to do anything. Even when I like the subject, I don't want to work at it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cygnus View Post
    In many ways, Si-valuers are significantly "lazier" than Se-valuers.

    Socionics Dichotomies: R3t2
    Hmm...interesting. I don't know much about the Reinin dichotomies or how they were defined, but I definitely seem to be more judicious. Well, save for #4...when I have shit to do I do it all at once at the last minute.

    @Patches - Seems like quite the useful technique. Unfortunately, I'm never just "bored" around the house unless I've had a long break off school or something. I'm perfectly content to sit on my ass for hours and hours on end. :/ But this sounds very useful for the summer when I will have less classes!

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    I'm most effective when working for someone else. When there are outside expectations and deadlines to meet, I work the hardest. If I'm working for myself, I need to do the effor to fabricate some external pressure on myself.
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    I am quite productive at work. I can sit down and concentrate at the task at hand, but that's more because I sit in a hotdesking environment, and it feels like it would be obvious (even if it may not be, I don't know) if I wasn't doing work. But that being said, my work is also intellectually challenging enough to constantly pique my interest.

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    Take some advice from Mark Twain- 1) take large unpalatable tasks and break them down into small manageable ones. Doing this can make these tasks less daunting. 2) Do one thing you don't want to do each day. 3)Permit indulgences as reward for doing so, a small treat for a job well done. 4) Mind your company. Take care to avoid surrounding yourself with negativity: it can be difficult to overcome your own doubts when they are being added to by others.

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