Nothing you've listed indicates that you're not an INFP.

INFPs are known to be loyal and devoted once they commit to something. I certainly am.

I'm also an INFP who enjoys routine and orderliness. Doesn't make me an ISTJ. Not by a long stretch.

INFPs are known to work better (as in are more productive) with external deadlines and structure because they are not good at creating their own structure and deadlines. It's little wonder you find comfort in that aspect of life if you'd end up producing nothing in life without it.

You also likely feel an affinity toward to the world structures created and enforced by ISTJs and ESTJs because you share their exact functions, just in a different order. I gravitate to STJs and their systems because, although I sometimes find STJs short-sighted and they find me odd, I "get" them 100% and respect them.

INFPs are also known to be controlling "on the inside", as you put it. We hold ourselves to very high standards. We also often have harsh expectations of others. Fi is a tyrannical function.

The ISTJs I've known really like partying, and are way better at it than the average INFP, so I don't know why you think that wouldn't fit. ISTJs are the least introverted seeming of the introverts and highly sensual. Like ESTJs, they work hard and play hard.

I'm voting that you're an INFP whose feeling bored with being an INFP.

P.S. I'm an INFP who also reads mostly nonfiction. While accurate facts are important in any discipline, being able to see human contexts, as in philosophies and ideologies, behind historical events is extremely important to history. One has to be able to abstractly associate historical events with current zeitgeists as well as use past events to make predictions about the future. Many INFPs are historians for this reason. History is essential studying the human heart in my view.