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    Default I want to learn more about ISFJ

    Please go easy on me, this is my first post. This personality test thing is so new to me. I read ISFJ personality. I just want to get a little bit more details about ISFJ based on ISFJ people here. I am interested in this girl who is ISFJ. I know some of these questions are broad...but I hope you guys can answer them.

    1) Are ISFJ really sensitive types or emotional types or innocent types?
    2) What do ISFJ like to talk about and do not like to talk about? I feel like I can't talk about logical stuff since ISFJ aren't into logical stuff or even something that makes her think too much.
    3) Are ISFJ romantic types, like holding hands?
    4) What do ISFJ think about love?

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    To prevent very one dimensional images, I suggest at a very basic level to start learning the cognitive functions to understand that healthy individuals do express a natural range of judgement and perceiving, those who don't are unhealthy individuals. The MBTI in its inception was based upon a clinical model which was based on balance. Also age along with particular circumstances have a lot to do with specifics which can't be accounted for with mbti alone.

    I severely disagree with the common definition which is prescribed onto introverted sensing within the mbti system, it is severely flawed in my eyes.

    But here is the cognitive functions for ISFJ

    ISFJs and their 8 cognitive functions
    Si, Fe, Ti, Ne.

    Descriptions can be found here
    The 8 Cognitive Functions

    In short don't box yourself in just yet, I do advise getting to know the system more, before ascribing actions and behaviors onto a type.

    Also don't be alarmed if you come across unfair judgements and or bias against particular types.

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    Obviously there are no true right or wrong answers and it depends on the person. But I figured I'd at least let you know what this (aka me) ISFJ thinks of your questions.

    1. I tend to be fairly emotional, but because I'm an introvert I tend to keep those feelings to myself. I'm quite sensitive when it comes to criticism and have a hard time letting things just "bounce off" so to speak. As to innocence I'm not entirely sure.

    2. I don't know that logical things bother me that much, it's more when logic is used in face of my emotion. IE I tell a T friend something hurt me and they brush it off as illogical. I like logic. I'm a college student and I enjoy learning and discussing academic concepts. But I also like talking about how things make me feel alongside the straight facts. For example when I watch a movie with T friends I want to talk about what I liked about it, the parts that made me sad, the characters I just can't click with where as some of them might enjoy trying to point out plot holes etc. So yes, thinking vs feeling does create some problems in communication sometimes, but we're all humans and our interests vary. Find out what the ISFJ likes, get him or her talking about his or her passions and you'll probably bring out there better side. Just a thought.

    3. Again, it varies from person to person. I'm not big on physical touch in general but I think that's me as a person rather than my personality type. ISFJs are feelers so my general instinct is to say they enjoy some level of romance, I know I do at least.

    4. For me at least love is a very important part of life that I take very seriously. I know many ISFJ's tend to be harder at letting go of relationships, tending to stick fiercely with their friends and those they care about. I think this extends in some way to romantic relationships as well, having a hard time letting go if it ends, and putting in strong commitment if they really care. From everything I've read and from my own experience this tends to be the case. Love is very important and highly prized.

    Anyhow, those are my own thoughts. Again generalizations can be hard so if you're looking to romance a specific ISFJ I'd advise doing a little undercover work first and finding out specifics about the ISFJ as a person, not just their type. Best of luck and feel free to ask more questions.

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