I am quite interested in what the common origin of the inferior ne (and all inferior functions to a lesser extent). My own personal hypothesis is that I spent way too much fucking time spacing the hell out in my own fantasy world that is largely influenced by the things I do and I more or less abstracted them to making it all about myself and using it to explore my own personhood that way. I essentially use media from television, comics, video games, music, books, news stories, political ideology where used to more or less reflect onto my very own nature in a fairly playful way. It takes me forever because I would get so lost in a concept and how it reflected back at my own self and how it could play out with me as it's actor. Otherwise I would just be completely bored with it, as I don't really see much point in actually just flat out enjoying things if you aren't going to do something with it. Even if it's just in your mind. Naturally this self-masturbatory way of doing things would naturally let me miss quite a lot of opportunities out in the world, and as such I could probably actually be fairly knowledgeable in what I do. The sheer fact that I'm completely ignorant of how the world works, and the fact that I haven't done as much as other people have left me a rather dull, boring person who could not necessarily talk about things with other people, and every time someone is able to have a conversation about simple objects, would be a painful reminder of the fact that I had been pissing my life away for my imagination land, which does not make for a good conversation topic. I know, I tried to tell other people about it and they just thought I was a weirdo. Naturally the inner world is also filled with thinking rational. Not necessarily trying to pin-point what I find most valuable, but simply trying to make sense of the immense confusion that I held inside of myself. Using artistic concepts, and tropes and defiling their meaning by making it about my own personal ego-centric masturbation which I hoped to fill my inner sense of boredom and inaction til' the day I died. Pretending in my mind that I was able to do whatever the hell I wanted, and nobody was going to stop me from doing that. I could be many things, and all of those things would still be true. Despite the fact that there is in fact nothing there. The lack of extroversion and my personal avoidance of the outside world left me as someone who could've potentially be some sort of knowledgeable, creative who is able to reference a gazillion things-person who is good at not being a fuckup. But is instead ignorant, silly, self-absorbed loser that smells bad. Someone who doesn't know shit about anything, and will always have to play the role of the student lest I will be forced to face the great pain that is failure. An uneducated, intellectually challenged plebian who will always be left behind, and who will always be one of the stupid inferior idiots, even beneath those people. Being a Si dom sucks.

I might just be talking about of my own anus though.

Edit: Through the power of immense self loathing I have figured out that I might actually be a ExFJ instead. Yay. So ignore this stupid thread. I can't delete it for some reason.