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    I've been married to an ISTJ for ten years and let me tell you....the man is hilarious! For some reason it's hard to make me laugh but this guy does it all the time. I wouldn't say he prides himself on his humor or that it's the first thing people notice about him. Mostly you see the quiet, dutiful, responsible side of him. But for those of us that are blessed to be close to him, we get to see it often. He comes up with quick, funny replies and I'm always amazed at how his brain does it. I'll give an example. My husband gets teased sometimes by friends and family because he shaves his head bald. One night we had a few couples over to hang out, and I was showing the wives old pictures. One wife's husband in particular really liked to crack jokes with my husband. The guy happens to be really short and my husband is over six feet. Well, the guy friend and my husband walk in on us ladies looking over the pictures and the guy notices a pic of my husband when he had a full head of hair. The dialogue went something like this:

    Guy: Hey husband, is that when you used to have hair!

    Husband: Yea, that's when I was still taller than you!

    The guy and the rest of us laughed. And as usual I sat there thinking to myself "how does he think up these responses so fast?!"

    Two of his favorite TV shows used to be Chapelle Show and How I Met Your Mother. He especially liked Barnie from the latter.

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    I wouldn't really describe any of the ISTJs I know as funny... They all definitely have an appreciation for humor, and laugh often, especially at me. I would laugh with (mostly at) the ISTJ I dated quite often. He really appreciated wit, and I am quite sassy. Mostly I would laugh at him being quirky. I think he went on a 10 minute rant about Statistics not being real math once. Something about P values not being significant enough. I giggled pretty much the whole time. He probably thought I was laughing agreement, but actually I just kept wondering "Why do you think about this stuff so much? And why are you telling me about it??"
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    My ISTJ husband is fucking hilarious, to me at least.

    He's definitely a goofball with me, but tells me he feels like his (much more work-appropriate) jokes go unappreciated at work. I think people see him as deliberate and humble, and not really the joking type, so they don't really catch it.
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