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    Quote Originally Posted by Redbone View Post
    My ex-husband is an ISFJ and I would say he was and still is exceedingly popular with women. He's got this sensitive but "manly" thing going on that make women a little crazy. His good looks just push this further along. He likes lots of attention and has a way of paying attention in order to receive attention. I don't know if that qualifies for womanizing but he certainly goes through quite a number of women. I don't think it has anything to do with him being an's the kind of culture he was raised in and how he operates as a man.

    I'm a little jealous that he can just draw people to him like this. I wish I had some of that....
    I honestly can not imagine ISFJ men being womanizers, but a friend of mine claims to have gone out with a few of them and she says they are like what Redbone describes - Attentive and sensitive to all of their lovers (all 10 of them, lol). At least the good-looking ones are. But I just can not see how that can be possible!!! Something is fishy about that. I feel that a person really only has the energy to be fully attentive to one person at a time. They're going to dilute it otherwise and I suspect they are if they are being womanizers.

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    I knew one ISFJ guy who kind of tried to "juggle" among a couple of women (2-3). Obiviously, after a short while the one he liked the most found out and cut him off from her life, and he was devastated.
    What I generally think is that ISFJ males can technically do it (because they often care about their appearance, can play the "game", be gentlemanly charming, and many extraverted girls who take the initiative can be attracted to that) but it's likely going to bite them in the ass, because they'll get more attached to at least one of their "lovers".
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    my LT was an ISFJ. his wife definitely wore the pants.

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