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    Default How ISTJ's make decision For ISTJ's Mainly but anyone is welcome!

    Hey SJ's (and everyone),

    I am an ISTJ and I am wondering if any other ISTJ's (or anyone) does the same thing as I do when making decisions or thinking or reacting to situations.

    When I need to make a big decision or I am analyzing a situation after the fact, I "convene" a council if you will of different emotions and aspects of my personality/psyche.

    In essence, I take the role of the "leader" at the head of the table and around the table are the following "characters" to discuss the issue at hand: Aggression, numbers guy, logic/lawyer guy, laid-back, responsibility (at the foot of the table), Distraction, Sexuality, Depression (depressed pessimistic guy) and finally Compassion/kindness. "We" discuss and debate the issue and come to a conclusion, sometimes with a vote). I know this sounds crazy and I am a little insane, but I am just wondering if anyone else does anything similar?

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    Not in such a concrete way, but I do like having discussions and arguments with myself. And I usually do try take different angles to the subject at hand. But usually I'm more goal oriented, and try to first set up a goal my trying to achieve with this particular decision, and only then try to find the way that most likely will take me to the intended goal.
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