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Looks like I'm too late! But I'm glad you came to the conclusion of ISFJ. Your description of him SCREAMED ISFJ. ISFJs are by no means necessarily "meek" as you put it, particularly the male ISFJs. I had an ISFJ male professor last semester. I really enjoyed his teaching style. He was funny and helpful and straightforward. He was also very level headed and even keeled as far as I could tell.

Trust me. I know many ISFJs and a couple of ISTJs, and I have tons of respect for the ISFJs (in general moreso than the ISTJs.) in my life. They are all very intelligent, but with a touch of sensitivity.

I <3 XSFJs, and your boyfriend sounds like a great guy!
Thanks mallows! That's what I love about him, too - loads of intelligence and a touch of sensitivity. And like you said, funny and helpful and straightforward, level-headed and even-keeled. Thanks for confirming his type so confidently!

As an aside, he said something to me the other day which basically made me 100% sure that he is an SFJ: "I'm a reflective feeler." And it's very true, looking back, he always tends to absorb and mirror emotions. It's something I've struggled with because while I'm impacted by the emotion around me, I tend to react, not mirror. For a long time I couldn't understand why, when I was venting about something negative, he would launch into a venting session about the same thing. My thought was, I need your help, not for you to vent too!. But for him, that is helpful to have someone affirm and sympathize his feelings. I'm so glad to have this as a definite now - it'll help me get us through conflict both within our relationship and from pressure from the outside.