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    Default ISTJ - ESTP Relationships

    I was thinking that my mother is ESTP and my father is ISTJ. My mother is 48 or something and my father is 2 years younger. I tested my mother and I was right. ISTJ is the only type that would make sense for my father.

    Their relationship is not bad. It's ok. But I feel that sometimes they can't understrand each other's needs.

    Dear ISTJs, have you had any relationship with ESTPs. What do you think about them in general?
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    I have an ESTP friend, which I have known for about 15 years. What I like in him is his sense of humor, practical attitude, easygoingness and competitive attitude. He's always ready to try new stuff, won't hold a grudge, is fast to cool down from a heated argument and will always be honest and direct about his views and feelings. In a sense, it is rather easy to be around him as there little invisible things there.

    On the other hand, I have given up all hopes for calling him a close and trusted friend. He is an opportunist. He'll do whatever suits him the best, and don't give much thought for people around him (he's expecting them to be as vocal as he is). There is also little sensitivity or discretion in him. When I told him that I'm having it difficult and I'm suffering from a depression, soon everyone knew about it. I had forgot to tell him specifically not to talk about it, he says.

    So, he's good for having fun (we do lot of sports together), but I feel I can't trust him to 'watch my back'.
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