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    Tell your boss that when you're concentrating on something and then she interrupts your work flow its not an efficient use of time. If she frequently interrupts you for the same question, consider emailing her the answers ahead of time.

    She doesn't sound iSTJ, she sounds extroverted r just a very stressed introvert, perhaps work with the other coworkers on managing her,

    Also, get out of there while you still can.
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    While the others in this thread have a point about this not being so much about type, I think I may still be able to shed some light on what's happening, assuming she is an Si user like an ISTJ, which is certainly not improbable.

    Si, our perceiving function, is kind of a pain in the neck when it comes to accepting the differences between ourselves and others. Si and Te, the two lead functions of an ISTJ or ESTJ, are particularly difficult in this regard. It sounds like your boss has a certain set of impressions about her workers: they're untrustworthy, they're lazy, etc. She will project this impression upon all her employees, and it will be very, very hard for any of you to break free of it. It sounds like you've already tried to talk to her... now I'm questioning whether the recommendation you're hanging around for is worth the ordeal.

    Particularly if your boss is an ISxJ and you are ENxP, your dominant and inferior functions are directly at odds. Your lead perceiving function is the one that she trusts the least, and vice versa... because they're opposed in your functional lineup (you lead with Ne and trail with Si, she leads with Si and you trail with Ne).

    I wish you the best of luck with this. It sounds like a very challenging situation.

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    On the OP facts as stated, the problem goes well beyond interpersonal relationships and into the realms of employment law. You're from the UK, and you surely must be well aware that in the UK this sort of behaviour by your boss is grounds for legal action against your employing organisation (via internal grievance procedures initially), with the employer 'kept in line' to deal with the situation by the availability of Unfair Dismissal and Constructive Dismissal lawsuits.

    If the boss is xxTx, she will know at some level that her behaviour is inappropriate and unreasonable. And if she's xSxx, she'll find it tough to rationalise away her outbursts. So an xSTx boss is well on the back foot here. You need to keep written records of her behaviour - there must be a mass of information on the web about (UK) employees' rights and how to gather and present evidence to best effect. You'll need to be alert to properly filter your Ne 'gathering' of her outbursts into appropriately detailed and specific Se-type records.

    You're an employee, not a therapist. This is a problem that shouts out to be dealt with within the framework of employment law. If, and only if, your boss gets herself under control will the use of MBTI Type dynamics be helpful or relevant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juice View Post
    Yeah I'm aware of all that, I was just sTrolling by.

    Ok, I believe you.

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    Get an enneagram 9 boss. Everyone loves me.

    Either way, whatever the situation is, I think this is good universal advice.

    You work firstly for yourself and secondly for your company. You don't work for your boss.

    If you feel like you work for your boss you're not in a good place. That never works out well, since you will take everything he says personally. However, an overstressed boss is usually a sign that things aren't going well. I would (secretly) look for other places to work, so you at the very least have other options.

    Also, make sure he pays you in time, he the payments start to slack or come in late, that's a good sign you probably need to hurry out of there.
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    if this is type related... i'd say it might be closer to an Te-dominant/Fi-inferior, but in a bad way, as in the relationship between the two (dominant and inferior) is very lopsided and unbalanced which can cause an 'childish tantrum'.

    something you can do? well, if you want that good recommendation, i'd just find out what it is that she wants and do it to the 'T', while appealing to the fact that she is most likely overworked and that you can understand that she stressed to the max with others not doing what she sees "simple work". this can get you on a relational level with her that will allow you be closer to a peer-level. not that you'd ever be there with this person in your current position, but that added element will definitely make things easier for you and will cause her to view you a "one of the good ones", and think of how much you can help both sides of the equation with that power before you move on.

    my 2 cents :P

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