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    Default ISJ's and adhd/add

    really, is it even possible? to me it seems adhd isnt even a biological error, rather a single persons under developed Si with a cobination of preference to Pe.

    its quite easy to forget how to use Si, since Si is the storage focus in the first place, thus you would depend on a near random chance of rediscovering Si through some other function giving you the idea of trying to rediscover it in the first place.

    i for example have been struggling with inexistent attention for some months now, until today i re-researched properties of fosfatidylserine which is said to have no downsides and boost attentionspan, which i have, and they worked once.. but not again.
    that brought me to the idea even if it does give you the ingredients to higher span, it still ultimately depends on the architecht to _use_ his blueprints (genes) and materials (fosfatidylserine, which is the building block of memories and ) instead of hoping medicine would do magick.

    its not that i havent been concentrating on concentrating, i have, yet my thoughts still seem to flow too fast for me to catalog any but the very most recent ones,(which i forget quite instantly as new thoughts flood my mind) until discovering the right trigger in my head which i have to focus on. as, its not about the amount of focus, but its the right trigger you have to focus on. if you forget which the trigger was.. well, whoops, that said trigger is what tells you what the triggers do, and.. there are thousands of triggers for you to try for finding the one which will give you names on the triggers.

    and since Si is about remembering said triggers, i find it hard to believe an Si dom could forget the trigger which is most important to them.

    well, your take?

    EDIT: oh, and my current focus on Si seems apparent even on the way i write now =O although idk, its still so easy and alluring to give in to the flow of thoughts and use feelings for attempting to recall previous thoughts for more brainstorming on them with the newly acquired knowledge of topic being thought around as the brainstorming has led to more knowledge, but as annoying as it is, the disappearance of how you got there disables millions of possible ways you could thought it around if only you could go with the flow while being able to catalog.. =/

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    I think its possible but likely uncommon for an ISxJ to be add/adhd. I don't personally know any. Most of the add/adhd people I know are P types, particularly ExxP. I suppose an ISxJ would be more likely to be add than adhd. The hyperactivity part of it sounds more E. I'd guess that an ISxJ with add/adhd would place a high value on being able recall such triggers and having some routine and stability in life but would have trouble attaining it due to their condition. Sounds like a difficult predicament to me.
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