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    I've only door slammed once. I didn't feel like it was satisfactory, just adding salt to the wound. I have punched and broken many things in anger, but never in front of the person. There's something more satisfying in releasing pain through some spontaneous action of destruction(immediate but temporary result of unexplainable frustration) and feeling that little bit of physical pain (knuckles hurt, but strangely felt good).

    But those times were in the past, and I'm much too calm and laid back now to cause unnecessary damage to myself physically. Not to mention the mental influence or habit that I don't want to start.

    I still think about it though when I'm at my worst, but confrontation these days is easier with just doing it at the time and I just don't want to have to wait to solve a problem(less patient these days to wait for others to confront me) I see is going to inhibit my productivity in the near future.

    It also helps that I'm physically fit. The person (much bigger than me) I've had most problem in the past with knows I'm rather reserved and I like to keep my composure, even when I'm obviously enraged about something. After a final confrontation(in which I had set up a private lunch meet to discuss our personal issues) I was told that I was rather intimidating and so they didn't want to initiate any solution other than just "hoping the problem would just fade away".
    I just want to float.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cimarron View Post
    I think it doesn't exist conceptually the same way that NFJ doorslam does (if that one even exists, either)...
    xNFJ's that tend to doorslam do leave the door open for people who knock "the right way".

    I have a bit of a "doorslam, but don't lock it and keep listening through the door" policy.

    That said, the guard doesn't go down again though - and my relationships where I have allowed people back in were never the same again, because the potential of something possibly going wrong again in the future always remains.

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