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    The ESTJ I used to know (read: have a crush on) took a lot of drugs when he was younger. He is now a serious Christian, so he stopped the drugs in his late twenties or so.

    He told me that it was largely part of a search for the meaning of life, and I pretty much believe him on that. Part of the reason I'm pretty sure he's ESTJ is that while he's not opposed to a bit of fun and hedonism - and presumably if he was taking drugs when younger he was even less opposed to it - it seems to be mostly in aid of brightening up his otherwise hyper-responsible workaholic life.

    He can also come across as kind of ESTP-like when he's having fun, which I think is not uncommon for ESTJs, especially younger ones - but there is no doubt that he's TJ, I don't think he could possibly be anything else.

    I know that the drugs affected his memory long-term - ie. he told me his memory was crap (he's probably forgotten my existence by now...) and it was often fairly obvious. I think that having done a lot of drugs when younger, and having been a punk/anarchist and a child of the 60s/70s and all that, may have made him look a bit more "intuitive" than he actually is. I mean, in terms of occasionally shooting off in cosmic directions in conversation, or the words he would choose, etc. I thought at first that he was INTJ or ENTJ, but I have very little doubt now that he's ESTJ.
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    My mum and sister are SJ's and i don't think neither have taken drugs. I (I am an SJ to you @Giggly ) have taken Cannabis, LSD and Speed in my younger days. When i had Sciatica previously the doctor gave me Tramadol and that shit was great, much to the annoyance of my ex as he thought i sounded like a heroin user when i spoke (I was out of my face, what would one expect, lol). I haven't taken anything recently though and have no intentions of doing so.
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    I know some SJs that are into mushrooms, possibly more so than N types

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    I would think SJs due to a more compulsive-obsessive nature would be more into neurotic habitual routines such as drugs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaptorWizard View Post
    I would think SJs due to a more compulsive-obsessive nature would be more into neurotic habitual routines such as drugs.
    Perhaps, but I also know SJs who are self disciplined enough to do it moderately and benefit from it creatively...

    and as Unique has mentioned, I think psychedelics (more so shrooms) add or bring out their creative sides that they keep tucked underneath all that practicality.

    I know that for some ISFJs it has helped with those self victimizing qualities and has inspired them to forgive themselves and others much more permanently, rather than building up a grudge later on.
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    Perhaps type stays with you forever, perhaps it changes. When I was in high school, I tested consistently as an ISFJ. Now I test exclusively as an INFJ. My first pychedelic experience was with cannabis at age 16 or 17. It was a silly, paranoid experience. I did not understand what was happening. I remained only a very occasional weed-smoker.

    On my 21st birthday, I tried LSD for the first time and it was an amazing experience. I have since experimented with LSD periodically . . . about two or three times a year. I feel like I need a break after intense psychedelic experiences. I feel like a big problem lots of individuals have with psychedelic experiences is that society offers them no coherent way of integrating the experience. They just go back to their daily lives without a change, but their psyche has been changed forever . . . often for the better, sometimes not. I have also experimented with DMT, called the Spirit Molecule. I recommend DMT: The Spirit Molecule by Dr. Rick Straussman. See:

    To answer the OP, I think psychedelic substances can open up intuitive pathways in the mind not easily accessible in the material world. In many ways, I think they helped me access and realize my intuitive potential. Our culture has so consistently ignored the way of the shaman, which is basically the way of intuition. I do not think drugs like cocaine, heroin, etc. do anything for intuitive tendencies. I think they diminish them.

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