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    Default SJs and artistic self-expression

    The stereotype about SJs is that they don't care all that much about art, or individuality, or self-expression. If my life and perspective is any indication, then this stereotype is total BS.

    I care a lot about self-expression. It may not be evident all the time, but I always remember that need as soon as I'm deprived of it. For example, I spent the whole summer living with my aunt, and when I realized that I wasn't allowed to personalize the room where I'd be living, I was frustrated to the point that I felt the need to rebel, and I started consciously leaving the room messy -- anything to prove that I had been there, that the place was mine.

    ^This isn't a side of SJs that people hear about.

    Fellow SJs, what are your thoughts on individuality, and artistic expression, and how they relate to your aesthetics and how you live your life?
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    I definitely need a certain degree of freedom to express myself. It makes me feel balanced, grounded and in touch with my inner core.

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    I absolutely don't think SJs are stereotypied as disliking physical or emotional expressions of creativity and art. Usually the stereotype is related to theoretical constructs, rather than personal or physical matters.
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    I know an ESFJ pianist, and she's the best performer/teacher I know (and I'm in the music business). Her music is special. It has a warmth that no one else's does.
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    Not an SJ, but one of closest friends is a stereotypical ISTJ. She's really good with scrapbooking and cards. She just recently did her own weddings and made all the cards, favors, centerpieces, etc. herself. She's really skilled with coming up with these awesome things and following through. (I'm going to enlist her if I ever have a wedding, and since she's in business, I've even encouraged her to start her own online wedding business.)

    I'm not sure what drives her to these pursuits except that I know that the projects are fun and creative and she gets practical use out of them in the end and she saves money. (She is stereotypical ISTJ when it comes to saving money!) I noticed a couple of other SJ's doing quilts and curtains and other things they can use.

    Do you think that's a common SJ usage for creativity, self expression, and art? - By doing things that they can enjoy/ use in the end? It makes sense to do that anyway, but seems like the other types might just do these things "just because."
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    My mums (ESFJ) expression comes through in her cooking .. Her food is to die for. Her husband is half German, half Jamaican so she plays with different flavours

    I've told her many times to get into interior design as she has a knack of producing beautiful curtains from a rolls of different fabric and everyone comments.

    With her dress, she is always looking for something a little different and enjoys checking out different cultures to find inspiration. She always has people asking her where she got this or that as they want it. She has stopped telling them now as it's her own style.
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    My ISTJ mother is a graphic artist for Disney. She specializes in merchandising. Her creativity is in guitar. She's played since she was 12. She's really good. If she couldn't have her guitar I think she'd go a little mad.

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    I'd say any type can be creative or into the arts, it's too stereotypical to say otherwise. But I would anticipate that SJs might lean a bit more toward artistic pursuits which are also practical: arts which are not only aesthetic but usable in everyday life; cooking; etc.

    I wish I leaned more in that direction. Poetry just isn't strictly practical, except that it's good for mental health and that's always important! But I would love to be able to create amazing, creative meals, for instance...if only I didn't find cooking dull.
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    A close ESFJ family friend of mine is incredibly crafty. For example, she makes jewellery, makes and decorates bowls, and does lots of mosaic garden ornaments. She gave my parents this really cute mosaic lizard on a rock for the front garden.
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    This might not be what you're looking for, but I'm pretty good at writing. I mean, if I really focus on what I'm doing and am interested in it, I can make things sound very convincing. I'm also a pretty good photographer/videographer.
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