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    Default Sharing a funny.

    My ISTJ manager made a joke the other day. It was such a rare event that I feel like I should record it.

    We were breaking down some shelving fixtures. (As an aside, he hadn't had me break down/build fixtures with him before and was very impressed with my efficiency. I think he got a little excited -- he took me aside taught me how build some unrelated stuff, just cuz. It was cute.) The side bits are a 2 x 6 frame that hold the shelves. My coworker picked one up to put it away and for a moment, he was outlined by the frame.

    My manager cracked a smile. "Heh heh, you feel like you've been framed?"

    Coworker laughed but I don't think he got it. He walked off to put the side bits away.

    I looked at my manager and blinked. "You made a joke," I remarked.

    He nodded with a satisfied look. "I do that sometimes."

    "But I thought you were a robot."

    "Hey, I've got some feelings!"

    "Shall we teach you how to love?" I sort of did the Mister Roboto dance.

    "Does not compute," he said dryly.

    I was grinning at this point. "So, the joke -- did it hurt?"

    He stopped what he was doing, straightened his stance and stared off into space as he gave it a moment of genuine thought.

    "A little," he said.
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    that's kind of sweet.
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