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What are some good things about ISTJs? Apparently I am one, and all I've found so far says that we're rigid, rulezy, serious, boring, super-organized, and hate everyone else who doesn't do things their way. I don't think I'm like that ...are there any good traits? Maybe I got that side of the deal
I have a cousin who I think is TOPS...she is ISTJ and married to an INTP with an INTJ son and an ISFP daughter...she handles all those personalities really well as far as I'm concerned...she's interested in knowing more about MBTI so that she can understand what she doesn't really get. She's SUPER intelligent and very broad in her interests...she is one of those S's who says...I MUST be an INTJ which is what she'd like to be..but she knows she's not. I always tell her there is NOTHING wrong with her type...she is one of the least boring people I know.

I know some pain in the butt ISTJ's just like I know pains in almost all the types.