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The video made me think of my ISTJ grandfather. He cares about buying things that are going to be relatively cheap, efficient, reliable and effectively complete the tasks he needs it to perform. He has no interest in fancy cars, he just wants it to get him from A to B without breaking down and minimal financial burden. The car example is quite funny because my Mum often laughs as she compares him to my other grandfather (who died many years ago). He was clearly a ESTP who was mad about loud, powerful, classic, and glamorous cars. The ISTJ owns a mid-90s Ford Fairmont; the ESTP owned a 1972 Aston Martin DBS V8, which he bought on a whim. Talk about chalk and cheese.
Well no that's exactly where I see the contradiction. You've given an example that requires very careful attention to detail. Ask any engineer, optimization is worlds harder than finding maximum performance.

So the question is, where does the ISTJ draw the line on how much to optimize his or her life. Mariame Dearest and I concluded that the ISTJ simply decides to neglect portions of his or her life knowing it can't be perfect. Instead they decide to make one part of their life very fine tuned such as their career or their DVD collection.