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    I maximize on most important decisions, but decisions that are only small inconveniences if I do not pick the right one, I end up a satisfied.
    Reyson: ...If you were to change your ways, I'm sure we could rebuild the relationship the two of us once shared.

    Naesala: Oh no, that I could never do. You see, humans are essential to the fulfillment of my ambitions.

    Reyson: You've changed, Naesala. If this is the path you've chosen, I've nothing left to say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taberculosis View Post
    I did not really feel like reading all of the previous posts. (They were just too lengthy)

    But... I read the Paradox of Choice.

    It was a good common sense book... but I don't know anyone who doesn't try to "maximize" everything.
    Well they obviously exist. E.g. my boss had to get new logo paper. Instead of getting a price offer from various printers, he just ordered with one, which was quite expensive, for the sake of speed.
    Some people don't commence the extensive search for the best alternative, but accept an alternative that suits their need.

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