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    It has happened to me a few times when i've been tired/relaxed and i've achieved it through meditation a few times as well (used to be an asia-nut and I read a few books on the subject of buddhist meditation, especially Zen).
    But I haven't done it in a couple of years at least.

    The explanation with the parietal gland does give a rational explanation, and I like that.

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    It's happened to me a few times and it's very disorienting. Though difficult to describe why for me... perhaps because though I'm always very plugged into the state of things, it's in the intuitive sense, and I'm never really very aware at all of the physical aspects of reality around me. More conscious of the meanings of things around me and their interactions, than the things themselves.

    Occasionally it seems Se breaks through the intuitional torrents and yes, it's weird. But I don't find it frightening - exhiliarating, yes. And I try to hold onto it and seize the moment to try to 'notice' as much as I can before the sensation ends. Then at other times I enjoy trying to recall all the things I sensed - the texture of a wooden bench, the exact character of the light around me at the time, the sounds in the room, the feel of the air on my skin, the sensation in my leg muscles holding me in the kneeling position. It's like remembering a dream though.
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