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    I'm not an SJ, but I like manual work. I wouldn't like "factory" jobs because that would mean that I had to stay inside all year long. But I have worked construction and liked it. I have also chopped wood in the mountains and liked it. I may like it even more than studying for 2 days straight. At least I get some action. I hate every type of job that requires me to sit still for an high amount of time.
    Or, rather, I can like it if it gives me enough free time to play sports/move during the day.
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    i sit in a cubicle now. i think a factory job would be fine. to me, jobs are for money, not for fulfilling the soul. maybe if one of my passions was something i could make a living doing i'd feel differently, but i'm not so sure. doing anything only for money would suck the joy out, then it would become just a job.
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    My boyfriend is an ISTP and he has a factory job. He likes the fact that he is creating something. He sees office type jobs as being sort of useless.

    I don't know if I would like that sort of job. I suppose I wouldn't mind it if I worked with other people that I really liked and if it wasn't too physically demanding. My boyfriend is always pretty much demolished at the end of the day.

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