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    Quote Originally Posted by Adasta View Post
    Does the INFP tendency to focus on the abstract irritate ISFJs at all?
    From my experiance, the ISFJs just eat this up and devour it (in a good way) One ISFJ I know is an artist so she greatly appriciates abtract thinking.
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    My ISFJ speaks wonderful metaphors with me - just wonderful - it makes us both laugh and admire. I think we sorta cover each other's weaknesses. When her Fe gets out of control, I try to tame it for her. When I get lost in Ne, she tames it for me. We tell each other when one of us is being stupid. She knows me so well, more than any of my other friends. I thought she was N while we first met because she likes abstract language. We also have vicious arguments but in a way that after it's done, we can put our pride aside and admit when we are wrong. In a way, we take turns being grown-ups and the other can indulge in being stupid/irrational.

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    It looks like INFP + ISFJ =

    I have to say, ISFJ seems to be a nice antidote to my INFP world-hating and constant despondency! They always seems quite upbeat about things. Since ISFJ is introverted, in what ways do you analyse "Introverted Feeling"? It's obviously different to INFPs, but it's something we share - I'm curious about it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adasta View Post
    I've got an ISFJ friend and I just want to ask some ISFJs about how they view INFPs?

    There don't seem to be too many problems between ISFJ & INFP (based upon this friendship) - similar interests and a firm acceptance/understanding of the need for time alone. One thing I've noticed about him is he often seems unable to accept my answers about something, as if he doesn't believe i'm actually fine with he is proposing.

    A typical conversation may be something like:

    - Hey, is it okay if I pay you that money I owe you in a couple of days?
    - Yeah, no problem.
    - Really? Are you sure?
    - Yeah, really, I don't mind.
    - Really? Because if it's a problem I can go to the bank later today and get you the money, it's just that...
    - Seriously! It's not a problem.
    - Oh, ok then.

    Anyway, back to the original point: what do ISFJs think of INFPs?
    I have this friend who is an INFP, first thing first, I realized that INFP person has a very nice heart, but what I frustated with this type because when I ask something what he/she feels, they just said "Im okay" which obviously I saw them not doing good. I just cared about them, because they're sometimes being plainly too nice with others whom always hurting them. And how many times when I want to advice them, their look just don't want to hear. Then, I get tired taking care about them, because they keep themselves hurt by people whom they love. So, I thought for the next time, Im will just let them being who they are, because when several times Im thinking, being nice is a free and there is no harm for INFP people to do so. Finally, I accept who they are and it is because I care for them. x

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    They are very closed-off and emotionally distant, which can be hard, because I need affection. Never mean--actually quite nice--but just so reserved. Granted, I haven't met too many. They are lovely people.
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