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you guys are weird. cute, but weird.

i do think "i love you" really can hold genuine meaning, even if it's said often (not every 5 seconds though... or worse, every 5 seconds in public...). i don't think the need to act in a loving way applies any less - words can never be a substitute for actions. some people are just more inclined to verbalize their feelings than others.

otoh, i like when my partner doesn't say it all the time, even though i usually end up gushing it out fairly frequently (as in, at least once every couple of days). maybe that sounds like a double standard but i think it's more like i tend to fall for people who aren't the kind to say it all the time, so i know it's really special when it's said. i'd definitely include ISTJs in that group.
Seems like ENFPs love/hate this about us.