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    i dont like to take charge :/

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    I think this is a common thing that ISFJs want to fit in with some people. One good thing about typology is that I think it helps us understand ourselves better and confirms what we already know about ourselves. No type is any better than the other, just different. I love ISFJs for all these strengths and weaknesses and I think you should just own it. So you're not a hardass, so what? Own it. People at work not taking you seriously because they think you are not strong or confident might just be their problem, just being disrespectful people. If you really are passive and fearful, why not work on your self-esteem with a cognitive behavioral therapy workbook and work on the inside instead of changing your clothes? You can wear the loudest clothes you want but it's not going to completely trick people into thinking you're not a passive, fearful person if you're really not.

    The younger thing, people always say that to me and I find it condescending. But I think most people are just socially inept and it's kind of their way of giving me a compliment or just making conversation. So I usually just pity them and give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe think of it from that perspective? I don't know.

    And people describing you as nice and cute? That sounds great! Who wouldn't want to be called nice and cute? Own it, sister!
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