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    I know we can come across as

    Assertive which is misinterpreted as bossy

    Honest and direct which is misinterpreted as rude/critical

    Angry issues .. But that's just momentarily

    Just as with the rest of the types .. We have a lot of love to give.

    So although i have yet to hear any real criticism of ESFJ's from this thread .. Just bear in mind that all types can be healthy/unhealthy so don't take it personally if someone attacks/criticises you for they are struggling just like everyone else with their own personal demons.

    Judge everyone as an individual as opposed to a particular type

    Free hugs, bunnies and rainbows to everyone contribution to this thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by saslou View Post

    Just as with the rest of the types .. We have a lot of love to give.

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    don't hate the type hate the person.
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    Well, I hate everyone. _I_ (>.>)

    I kid. Where did you get this "hate ESFJ" idea?

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    You guys can nag like no-one else....but I get upset when other people get upset. I know you only do it because you worry. I know you don't understand me, so you try to fix me, and I know you don't always mean it when you say I'm a space cadet.
    You are always there when you are needed, but You get frustrated because you don't understand exactly what I need. We have massive miscommunications because I don't exactly understand you either, but I don't hate ya. You're the ones, that know every one and who to talk too when you need some thing done. You're ones that break ice for me when I need to get some thing done. You're always positive, even when I'm not.
    You are tend to be strong when I'm not, you make life look easy when it's hard for me.
    So mostly it's because I'm jealous, but I don't hate ya.
    Currently submerged under an avalanche of books and paper work. I may come back up for air from time to time.
    Real life awaits and she is a demanding mistress.


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    ESFJs are tolerable if they are not very bossy, but I find them of little personal interest most of the time, really. They are kind boring.

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    i love my ESFJ friend. Her openness and her honesty are very refreshing especially since i know it's always for good, not in order to be critical. Her Ne is also really well developed so we ALWAYS have fun things to talk about and we can usually relate on having some really out of the box ideas. she really gets me on that level, and will often become very enthusiastic about my shiny new interest, which she knows makes me feel good. She is VERY loyal to her friends and believes they don't deserve anything but the best things in life.

    however her anger can scare me sometimes but it never lasts long. her values and the consequent actions are sometimes really, uh, questionable to me, and it's a bit scary at times how good she is at justifying them; logical, even.

    Of course not all the time, but even if not she has a hard time understanding why I or others would want to do things outside of "what's best". she will sometimes operate with an "it'll be ok, i know you'll figure it out" attitude when discussing such things.

    i can't do much else other than roll my eyes though, because it stems from her belief that I should have the very best in her eyes. And it's really not that big of a deal anyways.

    overall: keep on truckin' guys

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    I believe my mother was an ESFJ unfortunately not a healthy one even though she loved me and did her best for me.

    My eldest daughter is probably an ESFJ and I don't know how to handle her Fe. It is overwhelming for me. With maturity it'll get better but hopefully I don't hamper her zest for life in the process.

    I also have two ESFJ sister-in-laws and my mother-in-law who's company I enjoy in small doses. They love to entertain and know how to have fun.

    My mother-in-law excells with babies. I learned so much from her but did not allow her to do everything because that was not the relationship I wanted her to have with her grandkids.

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    Default The ESFJ hate thread!

    It's absolutely shocking how how much hate filled comments get thrown at esfj in most mbti forums. And from what I have noticed most of these remarks are made by NFs. So lets not be vague, lets not hold anything back. Let us in this thread recollect everything little by littie that make them the most hated type.ESFJs the Scum of mbti? @madmins - if there is a similar thread please merge this.

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    My experience -
    I recall only two esfjs that i've come across. One is a 35 year old male - who i'm not exactly sure whether is an esfj or estj - is quite an unhealthy individual. Since i'm not entirely sure what his type is - in my defense he gives extreme sissy/gay vibes which makes it hard to type him - I will not elaborate on what makes him irritable.

    The other esfj I know is a girl - same age - whose type I was sure before I gave the test. Nonetheless I gave her the test anyway and she got esfj as the result. What can I say about her? She is a sweetheart. She throws surprise bday parties, visits people when they are sick, goes to great extents to help people, reminds people of their friends bdays (yes that was about me), stands up against injustices, etc. Overall she is helpful, kind, social.

    /Killed own thread?

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