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    what is the difference between Ne and Ni? my Ne is horrible but my Ni is woah high!

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    Yeah, I can relate. You explained it well. Ne can get you thinking about "what if it goes wrong" and then you end up doing nothing.
    So is this something that you Ne users go through as well? It would make sense, as it's a loop.

    What I had in mind with the unforseens, is I've had experiences with ISTJ's in particular where they'll come into work and the boss will say something like, "OK, everyone, some things have come up and we're doing everything different today. I need you to help out in this area and I need you to spend some extra time doing *whatever*." And the ISTJ's are like fuming - steam is coming out of their nostrils because it's not a part of their routine and it's not something they saw coming. It's like it stresses them out and throws them for a loop. Another example is something like a family vacation or a big holiday dinner that was all planned out. I have an ISTJ in my family and he will make reservations at some restaurant or hotel months in advance. And if we get there and somehow they never wrote our name down or somehow they don't have our reservation ready, it's like he *can't believe what he is hearing*. My ENTP relative and myself will just look at each other and go, "Oh well. Let's go see what's across the street. I bet you we can find some good food in the next town over. Oh well, it wasn't meant to be. Come on let's go!" It's like the ISTJ relative gets *stuck* on the old thing. The very second I hear that the hotel/restaurant cannot accomodate me at the time I had reserved, I'm already contemplating a new strategy (a plan B) and I'm going to have fun doing it. I'm going to enjoy it. I'm not going to stress it at all. It's inconvenient, but it's not the end of the world or anything. It's just something that happens in life. We try to explain that to the ISTJ, but he still stresses these types of situations.
    I'm not bad with that kind of stuff. I'm very last minute with planning trips- and thinking about it I'd rather do it when I know for sure that the trip is going down. So most times I have to take whatever scraps they are offering.

    I will say, if I did make a reservation that they make some kind of attempt to accomodate us. After all- that's their bad, not mine, so they should do something. I'm not the type to fight or make a scene, but that will affect the likelihood of me coming back there.

    You're right that we tend to overlook details - a lot of the time we do it on purpose - because it bogs us down and pulls time away from the big picture. My ISTJ relative (I'll pick on him again ) - if we go on a trip, he'll spend like 10 minutes trying to look for the cheapest gas station - and he ends up saving like $1.26. To me, I'd rather save 10 minutes and pay the extra $1.26. Because to me, the big picture is that we're on a vacation and we're supposed to have fun together as a family - not spend a lot of time trying to look for bargains. I know another ISTJ - we had this funny thing going on at work - I would borrow his pen on his days off (because I was at his work station) and once in a while (not all the time - maybe once a month), I would lose his cheap, 10 cent pen. And he would seriously get pissed at me. I'd say, "Are you serious? I'll buy you a whole pack of pens tomorrow - do you want a 10 pack or a 20 pack? It's a pen!"
    I hate hate hate people who drive an extra 6 blocks to save 2 cents on gas. That's not me at all. Some people will actually drive across a bridge into Jersey to buy gas because it is cheaper- only to pay $4 to come back in to Philly! Does it really make sense?

    My boss is very paranoid. He's the type that will put a needle or a thread on something while he's away at vacation, and if that thread or needle is moved or gone, He'll ask who touched his stuff. He panicked one time when his seat was moved. I mean, the trash guy could have moved his seat to get the wastebasket. Again, that's too extreme and I laugh at that too.

    If it's buying a car, yeah, that's a big expense. Better do your homework. But sometimes, even in such cases, I'd rather pay a little more for less hassle. Not thousands more. But, if I have a to pay $500 more to a contractor who doesn't bug me at work all the time and who will leave me alone (unless he has questions) and who has a good reputation for showing up every day and getting the job done in a timely fashion, then "where do I sign?" In that case, I'm not worrying about $500. If contractor A is bidding $15,000 and the contractor with the good reputation is bidding $16,100, then let's just go ahead and get it done for $16,100. Save me the hassle of having to think about it all day. Or maybe I'll try to talk him down a bit to $15,500. Maybe he'll budge, maybe he won't. Either way, he's my guy and I'm going with him and I'm not going to worry too much about the small difference in price (relative to the other guy). Now if he was charging like $5,000 more, then that's a huge problem.

    That's how NP's focus on the "big picture" - it's like, just get the job done well and let's not hold things up for weeks (or even hours) because of a small price difference. Let's just get it done and move forward.
    Agree here again- I don't have time to shop around...if I do my research, and all my people are coming in close- the price is the same, I'll pick the one I got the best feeling on. But that one bad experience for the contractor really messed me up. That's when my Si and Ne act up. Going into it the first time I'm not as bad, but if the initial experience is bad- my senses are heightened! I'm not getting duped again! LOL

    My ISTJ friend will shop and wait and shop and wait just so that he can save money on something. He's finally gotten an IPOD after all these years because he got a good deal on one. I don't think that's an ISTJ thing, I think that's a cheap thing LOL.

    That's how NP's focus on the "big picture" - it's like, just get the job done well and let's not hold things up for weeks (or even hours) because of a small price difference. Let's just get it done and move forward.
    Yeah in the grand sceme of things that's how it should be- and the funny thing is when my back is against the wall I kick into gear and things get done. I hate being that way. I'm working at that one. I want to be more proactive than reactive.

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