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    Good luck on cheering your mom up! As an ESFJ it's pretty easy to cheer me up, so hopefully that's something that all ESFJs experience!

    And it's very true... Books smarts doesn't equal intelligence in every situation... One of my best friends from high school was brilliant when it came to book smarts... However, I'm pretty sure she'd get herself killed in five minutes if she was dropped off in a bad part of town because she lacks street smarts and she's really not that good with socialization....Especially when she thinks the people are beneath her.

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    1) get her something fun and decorative to put somewhere around the house, ESFJ women are decoration addicts
    2) watch a movie with her
    3) propose throwing a party, ESFJs love playing host
    4) send her a thankyou card
    5) compliment her on her skills and abilities that your NP family members don't share
    6) introduce her to MBTI, let her know that she is not alone (in fact, ESFJs are the most common female type)
    7) NPs are crazy and all over the place to the point where an SJ can find it borderline intimidating. let her know that she doesn't need to keep up with their NP crazy intellectualness

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