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    I don't collect things very much. I remember one time when I was like 10 when I would collect the coupons down the aisles of the grocery stores, but besides that, collecting isn't a hobby.
    If I haven't used something for a long amount of time and it has some value, chances are I will put it up on eBay or have a garage sale.
    "Move swiftly."

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    I collect comic books. Mostly DC, few Marvel/Dark Horse/Arcana/Aspen/etc. or independent. Green Lantern & Corps., Blue Beetle, and Simon Dark are my current favorites.

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    Collecting things would conflict with my need to be burdened with as few possessions as possible. I do have an impulse to preserve old things that matter to me like Commodore computers. I have a C=64 which I keep in my closet but if I were to start buying complete sets of Commodore hardware on eBay it would consume me and I would have all that junk lying around unused. So I don't let myself get started on anything.

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