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    Quote Originally Posted by MrsEvaLee
    What about the girl who sees the incompetent moron she might be able to help?
    I never mix that concepts.

    In fact, at most projects or tasks which require teamwork, when I see that one of the members is a moron, I only help him if I notice that I need to do so in order to get the job done. Not because I like to do it, or out of pity (which is a word I don´t like at all)

    In any other context, he´s just an incompetent moron.

    "An intelligent hell would be better than a stupid paradise."
    Victor Hugo

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    ISTJ is the classic Melancholy, and are loners who are task-focused, or directive. They may appear innocent and sweet and even cheery, but they have a spunk about them and the T's "toughmindeness", that can be quite nasty at times.
    ISFJ would be a Phlegmatic-Melancholy blend, which is people-focused of informative. (Or even a Supine-Melancholy. Supine will be even more reserved and people focused).

    Both types will have the opposite T/F function in the tertiary position. I don't know many ISFJ's, but with an ISTJ female, tertiary Fi will likely be strong and quite visible, and coupled with the Si, by which they retain the values and "traditional feminine role" they may have been taught, they may appear to be Feelers.
    However, they won't have as much of a "hostess" mindset as the SFJ. They'll more quickly get tired of people, and want to be left alone, with closest family. They will be emotional, but Feeling values will be internally derived.
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