You guys have no idea how much I appreciate compliments to my type.... I know they aren't directed at me personally, but no one ever says anything like that to me.

It's wonderful to know people like me are actually liked, needed, and appreciated....

Not to moan 'n' groan, but I've had one crappy week this week. I was already working four days, and got called in for two more, and on top of that, some lady complained about me bagging her groceries "a little too heavy", and my assistant store director had to "talk to me" about it.

.....That bothered me. I know she wasn't attacking me, but it felt so personal. Does she even *know* how much I do on the front? I'm telling you....if I don't bring in the carts and mop the bottle room --- it doesn't get done.

Okay. Glad that's out. Thanks everyone.