The main premise of the story is there's a tree [INTJ] and a cat [ENFP].

The tree, obviously, doesn't get out much or see the world too often. So everyday the cat comes to tell the tree stories about the world. There are 16 characters in my story including the cat and the tree. But the writing style I've chosen is to get people of different types to help write by saying why their character would do in given situations.

Here are the SJ's.
ISTJ a worker bee [feel free to give name suggestions] who often runs into the social butterfly [ESFP] near the flowers he's worked around.
ESTJ a very social spider who lives in the house with the cat.
ESFJ a dog that lives outside the house next to an INTP dog [who sleeps most of the time].
ISFJ The woman who owns the house the cat lives in.

Feel free to toss a suggestion or two about characters, but keep in mind I'm only putting 4 SJ's in my story.