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    Default SFJs-what does a good team look like?

    Can you describe for me what a good Fe team would feel like for you guys?

    How are things accomplished, how are disagreements settled?

    How do you cope with negativity, unhappiness, team members who dominate or are rude or hostile?

    Much Thanks!!

    (No ISTJs please. I work with you guys everyday and utterly love you, but I'd like the Fe perspective, well unless you can comment how you see SFJs interacting with your team of course)

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    My team would consist of competent and resourceful people .. Fe is irrelevant as i just want to get the job done. I will utilise individual members skills and position them appropriately so getting the best outcome.

    I am open to suggestions thus hope that the project would run quite smoothly. If someone has a problem, bring it to light immediately so it can be discussed and we can move on. A query/suggestion is fine by me, but the bigger picture is that the job needs to be executed so lets get on with it.

    I don't mind an opinion, but if you thwart my efforts with constant negitivity, then i will tell you rather bluntly to get off my team, you are not productive at that point. If you are unhappy, bring it to my attention, i am not a mind reader, lets see if it can be dealt with in a mature manner, if not, then again, you may not be on the right team. I don't mind dominant people, i am one myself, but if you are closed minded, i'll speak up when it starts becoming rude .. And hostility, i am a reactionary person, i will stand up for myself.

    Hmmm, who wants to be on my team????
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    The best team to me would be technically competent, efficient, and look out for each other and the group as a whole. There would be an understanding that group goals are more important than individuals goals. There would be a "No man left behind" type of attitude. Cohesiveness, understanding and "being on the same page" (with love!) is of utmost importance and the appropriate amount of time and attention is given to make sure that is reached together with all persons and important issues being given equal weight. This means the people in the team can do that! Competency and efficiency is maximized when can work together.

    I don't know if I'm making any sense.

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