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This works until you have children. My sister's daughter would cry as a young baby if she was around loud people for too long of a time, and would be happy when I put her in the other room in her car seat. She needed that down time.

My SP started walking furniture at 6 months and walking at 8 (most kids are around 11 - 13 months) No one would ever confuse her with an SJ.

My IJ has been obviously IJ her whole life. When she was 10 months old she was so frustrated she couldn't walk but wouldn't start until she could walk perfectly. She told me as a 10 year old that she wished there wasn't phone or email because she talked too much at school already.

My little EP has always loved people and been energized by being with and around people.
I have two children, one who is an adult and a teenager and I agree with this. My kids had their personalities from birth. I am very introverted and always have been. I was VERY shy as a child. My extroverted son has always been infuriatingly extroverted and I was a single parent for most of his life. He talked very early and talked to everyone! I actually tried to change that because it was hard for me, as I didn't like attention drawn to myself. He was who he was and he still is that way. Both of my kids' personality traits came out early in life and I have a hard time believing that they were influenced by any "nuture."