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Have you ever been mistaken for another type? Which types and what reasons did they give?

I'll start...
My type: ISTJ
Mistaken for:

ISFJ - I get this a lot, usually from people who don't know me that well. They say I'm really "nice" and "patient" and such. Which, I guess maybe I am, but ISTJs can be that way too! I've even been told that I have the ability to be "bubbly" but I don't believe that. Anyways, the people who I'm actually close with know about my "T". My social awkwardness, sarcasm, dislike of talking about my ~feelings, un-touch feely personality, and logical thinking style, can only go undetected for so long.

xNxx - My closest friend (an INFJ) always says that I'm really intuitive. I keep having to correct him by telling him that I'm not "intuitive", I'm observant! I make my judgments based on what I see and hear, what's in front of me -- not any sort of "psychic feeling" like he does.

xNFJ - An English professor I had last year, who I would usually walk with for a bit and talk to after class, said that I was a "constant thinker" that had interesting insights based on the literature I read and had a talent for drawing connections between those literary insights and real life. He also thought I was a great writer and wanted me to ditch my Psych major for English . I think he didn't understand that ISTJs can be all these things too! ISTJs can have a love for literature and creative writing and be insightful too.
Interesting. I interact face-to-face with few people who know type well, and I am speculating, but it does seem that I am sometimes perceived as some sort of T (based on external coldness), and as some sort of E when, like many others, I'm viewed in a particularly extroverted mood or setting.

I get along well with most ISTJs, oddly enough...