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    Default Any advice for becoming more organized and efficent at work, NFP?

    Any advice for being more orgainzed, efficient and productive with time at work.
    I started a new job that requires a lot of attention to detail, office admin, driving, paperwork, computers, scheduling, casework, patient care, basically I am an assistant to the manager, so I have to eventually know everything, and Im feeling overwhelmed. There are no set guild lines, such as ABCD, here is what you have to do, it is very stressful, fly on a whim, action, job where I have to know what Im doing. And I feel like Ive been thrown to the wolves.
    Everyone, says it takes a good 3 to 6 months to get it down, and also, on top of that, I will prob buy a GPS and a blackberry cause I can't rely on memory, people's lives are at stake.
    I have never worn a watch in my life, so this is very painful, obviously, please someone, have ideas to make admin, simple, I dont want to run around like a frenetic banchie. I am in general a calm person, how can I get things done still not fall apart, its such a change. Take things one step at a time... but all at once...?

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    Things you should consider getting aside from the GPS:
    1) A watch
    2) A calendar
    3) A PDA or iPod (Digital Pocket Calendar).... that you KNOW how to use!
    4) An alarm clock
    5) A laptop (if you think you need it)
    6) A cell phone (which you probably already have) that is ALWAYS turned on and charged... (Get a car charger)
    7) Take note of the time that it takes to get from place to place so you can plan ahead
    8) An SJ secretary.
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    A third copy of the same thread? Must not like our answers.

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    1. Ask the manager to help you understand what the "priorities" are in choosing among which task to respond to first.

    2. Is it possible to take some of the task and say, ok I'll check email at 10 and 2 PM. etc. Or here's what's a slower period each day where I can wait to do such and such in that time frame.

    By the time you reach the third week, if you're still feeling uncomfortable with the role. I personally would begin to search for another job that works with my more natural inclinations vs. feeling strained.

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    Use task lists. Most email calendar suites well. Categorise them. Review them regularly. Learn to love them.

    Book time with your boss to go through the task list with them, and this will help you and them work out what needs doing when and where.

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    Oh bless .. Give it a little time. They won't throw you in the deep end just yet.

    Take notes .. Take more notes and then take some more notes.

    If you don't have the mental aptitude when why did you take on this particular role? I don't mean for it to sound rude so apologies if it comes across that way. I just have a way with words
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