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    Default Need help with SJ dad and my son

    I tend to make my dad feel like he is not smart. Its nothing I do intentional. He made a comment to my son jokingly the other day, "but dont tell your dad so you can be smarter than he is." then he looked at me and said to me "but you dont hide anything to try to be smart". I feel like my son does try to hide alot and wonder if it is because of the same reason.

    In all honesty my dad is my safety, with him by my side he makes me feel like we can accomplish and figure out anything(T related). Has any SJ types felt intimidated by ISTPs? What is it we can do to help decrease that intimidation. Its not something I go about doing intentionally and with my son I try my hardest to help him, I try my hardest to make him feel comfortable and acknowledge the good work he does and how smart he is, but I still get the feeling like he wants to hiding things so he can be smart.

    I am going to send my dad an email about him being my saftey. My father in-law who I think is also a J type has also told me that he is really not that smart. Some types learn best from other people, they need teachers, but I know it can intimidating when you have to keep turning to your son to help you figure out things. My dad was my teacher, I am the way I am because of him, thats why he is my safety.

    After writing this I guess the best thing is to tell him this.

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    I don't mean to be picky, but I found your post rather confusing. However, I think if you were to lay out a question in a more direct way, I could help you.

    You see, I am an ISTJ, and my Dad is an ISTP. Our relationship is just fine. If you have any questions about how we work together or how we communicate, feel free to ask. We're here to help.

    Always remember to flank your enemies. History won't remember how dramatic your failed frontal assault looked. - Dragon Age: Origins

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    Maybe he doesn't feel dumber than you at all but maybe he's trying to give you a valuable life lesson about humbleness.

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