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    Stress hits me a lot, but it's often of my own making. I have this strong desire to try and make everyone see that I'm doing a good job so I'll often end up giving up lunch breaks, personal time, etc.. to dedicate myself to my work....

    ...which then ends up with me being a wreck later on. As for dealing with stress, I usually like to just sit down infront of a PC and read through forums (like this one) and listen to some soft-sounding music. Always seems to unravel.

    I also try to go dancing when I can. I've found dancing takes a HUGE load off of me.
    "The man who is swimming against the stream knows the strength of it."
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    I get stressed a lot. Mostly about things that I need to do. It's best when I get the stuff done and then just do anything while I am alone, even if it's as simple as going home.
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    When I'm stressed, I vent to almost everyone and exaggerate it, then I felt ashamed of myself for venting to everyone, so I get calmer and tried to fix things by myself.

    But I don't get stressed very often. Sometimes people think that I'm stressed (judging from my depressed vent), but I'm actually not.

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    Stress is much easier to deal with when I am in an environment that is clean. I'm sensitive to how I deal with my stresses based on where I am what I am doing. Like wrldisquiethere, I like to go running. Doing something active and feeling like I'm detoxifying my body from all the worrying, is in a way a needed break from it all. If I'm healthy, and I know it, then I feel capable. And this extends to a mental state too.

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    I have been very prone to stress all of my life. I have found that in some circumstances, I thrive in stress. ISTJ's make great emergency leaders because they process information quickly and logically and can make very deliberate choices when under stress. When I am stressed, I like to clean or do some sort of activity that allows me to use my hands and my mind and organize something. I also tend to fiddle with my hands or shake my leg or just get fidgety. However, during other times, stress gets the better of me and wears me down. In my experience, denial and emotional coping strategies work alright, but not for long. The best way to deal with stress is to take it head on. If it's an assignment, make a list. If it's a decision, make a pro's and con's list. SJ's (especially ISTJ's) are very good at organizing and defining objectives and we can use this to our advantage. By organizing and listing all of the little detailed steps (maybe not always detailed), we can deal with the stress, one step at a time in a methodical manner. I hope this helps. Good luck.

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    Oh man! Look at all the old faces in this thread. I miss WickedQueen.

    (And now I feel old. )

    But anyways... It's funny that this thread got revived this week, because I've been pretty stressed lately, and thus stress has been on my mind. So, to answer the questions in the OP, yes, I am prone towards being stressed, and I always have been, but I am not naturally great at stress management. Usually just Getting It Done is enough to ease the stress -- or telling myself "You can do this because you've done it before and it worked out fine" -- but when that method fails, or when it doesn't apply, it usually gets bottled up and forgotten about, and if too much stress builds up, then that bad stress management can reeeally bite me in the ass later.

    Recently I've tended towards picking up and then setting aside a lot of good stress-relieving hobbies, and one thing I should start doing is making sure that I'm always doing at least one of those hobbies on a regular basis.
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