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    Quote Originally Posted by Lambchop View Post
    I just went to check it out. I will definitely be following it. It does make me feel better that other people sometimes have a hard time finding the time for exercise as well. I'm thinking of taking my tennis shoes to work and walking on my lunch hour.
    Feel free to post in it anytime. If you are interested in joining, feel free to PM me or let me know.

    I may be repeating, but:

    Consistency is important. There can be a big difference between working out 1 time a week and 4 times a week.

    When you eat, try to make sure to include some protein, fat, and carbs.

    Also, eat lots of veggies. They are highly nutritious foods that take up lots of room in your belly. A big salad will not only provide nutrients, it will also make you less hungry.

    Finally, a small cup of soup before the main course is a great way to curb appetite.

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    If only I could get in the brain of an FJ for a day. I could learn a lot about life. :P

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