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    Quote Originally Posted by Lambchop View Post
    I love that you're still finding yourself. That's super interesting...

    I felt like I was becoming more extroverted about 2 years ago. I even threw my husband a big 30th birthday party (and I HATE hosting). I started trusting people more in our social circle (which unfortunately included my husband's sister), etc. This was a time when I wasn't weighted down with work, school, my kids were with their dad, etc. Then summer was over and I started the random chaos that can be my life and reined myself back in physically (not going to social events) because I was so stressed out. Someone misunderstood me (I'm not naming husband's sister - ESFP), took everything I had confided and trusted in her and twisted it around, betrayed confidences, tried to interfere in my relationship with my husband...and I took a GIANT step backwards into introversion. I'm even less trusting and introverted now than I was before everything happened. Too bad...most people find me pretty fun when I'm being extroverted.
    Yup, I know exactly what you mean. Been there myself. I guess I would sum it up by saying "mean people suck" and I tend to hide from them.

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    Well for me, as a child I did typical introverted activities. I drew and colored alot. Read all the time. Being the oldest of 4 I easily hid behind my sister who's just a year younger than me. If I was jazzed about something specific, I could go on and on about it. Actually I know my parents used to tell me that everytime I'd see a kid running in the grocery store [like 6 times older than me] I'd point my finger at them and yell "NO RUNNING!!" I was very into keeping the rules as I am today. Breaking rules caused/causes panic for me. Weird though, is that I always dreamnt of being on stage, the center of attention. Alot of times I still do wish that. I enjoyed singing and dancing for anyone that came over. But after the performances, I'd get remain quiet again and listen to whatever was being spoken about. Actually I had a great ability to talk to adults with confidence way more than I could talk to kids/teens my own age.

    But i know i get in trouble alot of thinking to myself. My parents always thought I was having some sick perverted session in my mind. Or that I was fantasizing about something i shouldnt. When in reality I was only thinking about life around me and ...well just thinking.
    Quote Originally Posted by MacGuffin View Post
    ayoitsStepho is becoming someone else. Actually her true self, a rite of passage.

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