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    You're never too poor to pay attention.
    Johari Nohari

    "If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared. "--Niccolo Machiavelli

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    Quote Originally Posted by d@v3 View Post
    I don't know how to explain it. It is almost embarrasing when I am talking to a girl and I remember some random fact that she told me 6 months earlier. (Sometimes I fear she will think it is creepy or take it the wrong way) The truth is, I just remembered- kind of like I remember the pizza place phone number! It doesn't necessarily mean it's important!

    Hahaha, but it is in a way. I freaked this one girl out that came into work. I deduced that she comes in on the weekends that she has to go up to ANG Base. I asked her and she said yes. I told her that I thought as much because the last time she was in here was a like two months ago, she was also wearing her uniform then and she came in with 2 other people and sat at that table and she sat at that chair. It's not on purpose, but I just remember.

    Oh, and to elaborate on the linear thinking model Reco was talking about, I am a history major. I like it when the history classes go in chronological order kind of like a timeline. It just makes thing SOO much easier to remember!

    Sequence always helps.

    Hmm... a memory like an ISTJ- maybe that is why I am on the Dean's list and I NEVER study?


    On the other hand, send me to the store without a grocery list and DON'T expect me to get everything.

    Tsk, tsk, tsk.

    AHH! I seriously just remembered I went to the store today and FORGOT to get a mic for VENT!

    Basically I just do it. I can consciously do it but I also sub consciously do it. Amazingly helpful when it comes to studying. I can remember phrases in the book word for word and certain phrases trigger certain memories. SO HELPFUL.
    - Caleb

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    my clumsy ESFP self wouldnt know what to do without the detail oriented memory of my ISTJ boyfriend...
    - From your fun-loving ESFP.
    Se/Fi/Te/Ni, 44% E / 88% S / 62% F / 67% P

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    They call me rainman because I am very pattern oriented, especially numerically.

    I too hated history. I got As in the class but don't remember crap. I did learn a song to memorize all 50 USA states, as well as the 40-something presidents, so they stick in my head.

    I am very intune with details and I remember patterns and colors. I'm a dude, but I do like to style so I pay attention to clothes, color arrangments and stuff that people wear, especially someone that I notice wears nice things.

    I remember people's birthdays. I have 10 bros and sis, 20 something nieces and nephews, and 3 grand nephews (the third one was born yesterday), and I remember all of their birthdays.

    I'm the one who usually texts or emails my siblings to remind them of somebody's birthday.

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    They are equipped with better capture ability and infinite hard drive space.

    Really though - my ISTJ remember most things very very accurately - but when he's wrong - he still thinks he's right - and will never ever back down.

    It's actually endearing in a weird way - for an ENFP - I don't know how other types would handle it.

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    I think it might be an ISFJ thing, too. The one I know has an astonishingly accurate and detailed memory.

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