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Thread: ISTJs & ENTJs

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    Off the top of my head, I know 3 female ENTJs (all quite attractive) and a male ENTJ. Definate go-getters and take no b.s.

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    Maybe you should try to get to know the ENTJ.

    Chances are your perceptions of him are superficial.

    If you get to know him and still think he's manipulative and controlling, managing the emotions of others in order to gain social power but totally self oblivious then you can sigh with relief, he's an ENFP.
    wails from the crypt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow View Post
    I think that's why I like ENTJs. It's not complicated to talk to them, you just say it. My boss is an ENTJ and you can tell the members of staff he understands/appreciates least are the very emotional ones (he's always complaining about them to me)! Apparently he's made a couple of my colleagues cry :s
    It's funny though because he's the one who tells *me* to look at things from a more emotional viewpoint. I suspect he's more expressive and I'm more diplomatic but cold. He doesn't shout at me like with most others - probably because he knows he won't get an emotional reaction!

    I think he's the ideal boss. As far as I see it, he's fair, driven, logical, full of ideas, charismatic and not afraid to push things and face the consequences. I think he respects and appreciates me too; he often confides in me, and he sets me tough challenges and responsibilities.
    Mind you, sometimes I've come away feeling like I've totally backed down on something when talking to him, and wonder if I should have been more forceful. I have been forceful on occasion and he's actually taken it well.

    I've often wondered at the portrayal of ISTJ as an ideal right-hand man, but certainly with my boss I'm happy in that role. Before I started work I'd always thought of myself as very much liking to be in control, but I'd rather implement someone else's (good) ideas to perfection. ENTJ provides ideas and approves of efficiency and logic.
    Yeah the thing I love about ENTJs is that they're usually very clear and straightforward with you, they don't mince matters (more than likely it's the dominant Te of theirs).

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