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    Default STJs, how do you use your Fi?

    This is something that has been interesting to me, especially over the last couple of years. I can sense my Fi growing and maturing. So how do you STJs use Fi?

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    Isn't Fi the tertiary whatchamacallit?

    Little to none.

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    I dunno if I actually USE it. I feel like it gets in the way, sometimes. On the one hand, I WANT to be realistic, and all-facts, and on the other hand my Fi is filling my head with romantic notions of how the world SHOULD be. But then again, sometimes I get Fi and Te mixed-up/merged in my mind.
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    Fi makes me sometimes strongly opinionated and unyielding. As it is my tertiary function, I don't get to choose when I use, but luckily I'm self-aware enough to notice when my Fi is acting up.

    Sometimes I force my opinions and facts on other people. Sometimes I think that other walks of lives are inferior to mine. This gives me confidence and makes me very trustful of my skill set.

    So mostly it's uncontrolled, but not totally unguided. Once you find it, you can learn to avoid using it or take an advantage of it. Or at least minimize it's negative effects.
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