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    ESFJS can range quite a bit in personality. Some are really caring some are really bitchy. haha.

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    Or they're caring AND bitchy like my ex.

    Applies to boys as well as girls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xyk View Post
    Hey. Question for ESFJs: I have a friend who typed herself as ESFJ and is constantly really dramatic about everything. Now this could be because we're in high school (for like 2 more weeks), but is it also a type thing? She seems totally unable to differentiate unimportant things from apocalyptic things. Like she hasn't slept in 3 days because she had a nightmare 4 days ago and refuses to take melatonin because she has a stubborn resistance to "popping pills for mundane things", despite the complete and total harmlessness of melatonin.
    I think that sounds very ESFJ. Dramatic I think is a word that can be used to describe EXFJ's and possibly EXFP. I like how Skylights says that what you're talking about doesn't sound ESFJ related. I think what she means is that you can substantiate a claim that she is an ESFJ based on your broad description.

    I'll tell you straight up though that I have always had quite rocky relations with ESFJ's. They're like chicken little, always thinking the sky is coming down. I know an ESFJ that called me a pill-popper because I had a frequent pain in my sign and I decided to take Tylenol to remedy it. They love hopping up on their pedestal to look down at all of the peons.

    ESFJ's just love lecturing people on how the way they're living life is the wrong way and the way that they learned to live life growing up is the correct one. You know why it's the correct way? Because it's always been that way! :P It's stupid BS rationale like that that fills the minds of ESFJ's. Hell, my ESFJ ex told me that I peeled bananas wrong.

    Maybe other types can find value in ESFJ's but if you want my opinion, I'd say avoid them. They aren't worth the drama.

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