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    What I have in mind when you ask this question is a helicopter hovering hundreds of feet in the air, above the mountain, with several people hanging onto the rope ladder. We can't all stay on the rope ladder like this, so something has to be done.

    I'm a cowardly person in a life-or-death situation like this. I would probably panic, and try to climb to the top of the rope into the helicopter and push the others out of the way. Someone else would be dangling at the end of the rope. (if they're my best friends in the world, then I'd possibly feel conflicted) you mean the weight of all those people would cause the helicopter to crash anyway? Then it doesn't matter that I just climbed into the helicopter to "safety." Hopefully, I would have figured that out sooner in real life. (probably not, it probably would have happened in that same sequence)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matthew_Z View Post
    My thought is that there was mostly a distinction between Ts and Fs as how to respond to the question. (probably because this was a judgment question) While both sides picked at the holes in the questions, the Ts seemed more inclined to let go/cut the rope, while the Fs had more or less the opposite response. (theoretically, you'd be better off playing Russian Roulette than being on a rope ladder with an F.) If there were to be further experimentation using questions like this, I would advise asking people to identify with their T or F function, not their temperament.
    I don't think there's a correlation to T/F. Neither this poll, nor the polls in the other 3 subforums (NF, NT, SP) show the correlation. Also, notice that in the SJ forum, the ratio of those who would cut off the rope to those who don't is higher. Maybe it has something to do with helping the community as a whole.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightning_Rider View Post
    Well obviously I would let them live. If I am going to die either way.
    Seconded. If the choices are
    1. Die alone, or
    2. Die and take 4 people down with you,
    then I'd choose dying alone. Of course, I'd talk it out with the four people above me. Then I'd probably cry, then gain the courage to drop.
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