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When myself, an ISFJ, an ISTJ and an ISTP were assembling a trampoline, the ISFJ was the only one disinterested in the task; she focused on how everyone was getting on, probing yours truly with teasing remarks whenever I made a mistake. :P The ISTJ led the operation, the ISTP followed the ISTJ's instructions, and I assisted the ISTP. The ISFJ just... hovered around, not really doing anything relevant. She was more interested in the guinea pig hobbling around the garden, or the cat sunning itself on the patio.
That's rather interesting. I think I would probably be more focused on just standing back and watching what what everyone was doing, adding nervous comments like, "Uh-oh, that doesn't look good. You don't think it's ruined, do you?" every time something was a little off, or slipped a bit. Everytime someone would do something that looked a little risky, go "Are you sure that's safe?" Generally people send me away when they're putting stuff together, because I act all freaked out like they're operating on someone. If I were pressured to assist, I'd probably do what the ISTP was doing... although I'd do it a lot more slowly/clumsily, and whine a lot.

I get really anxious about it when physical things are being built, modified, or repaired.
During PE (physical education) at school, the ISTJ was more competitive, often being the leader of her team. The ISFJ would hang around at the back with a friend and chat. The ISTJ was more task-orientated, as theory would state. The ISFJ was more gossip-orientated.
Also interesting. If I had a friend around, I'd probably do what the ISFJ did. If not, I'd probably just stand back and watch everyone else, with maybe an occasional asking of "You okay?" if it looked like they might have been hurt.

Yeah. I guess physical stuff makes me pretty nervous.

I think this all just indicates that I have higher neuroticism than said ISFJ.