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    Default Does Your Work/Home Personality Differ

    Many years ago, when I was battling with my best fit type, I started a thread based on this article. If NFPs are most affected, then how does it affect SJs and particularly STJs?

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    Good article. Funny thing is I don't really change my S, T, or J at work but I do become even more introverted. Of course that could have something to do with the fact that I'm more comfortable with the people at my home than those at work. But yeah, the STJ stays the same in me because that's beneficial to the work place. Of course it depends on the type of work you do too. My work at the moment requires a lot of Te.

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    ummm...probably use more fe at work.
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    Same person, just use various skills or have more personal impact on the decision making processes.

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    Well I thought about this a bit since I first clicked this thread, originally I was like "OMG yes, yes I so do this, I must use more J or something" lol but if I think about it more, I use my Te in a very noticable way when I work, it's not J that gives me the organisation necessary to complete my tasks, it's Te.

    When I was working, I was very organised and efficient, I re-ordered many things for maximum efficiency and changed a few set ways of doing things because they didn't produce good results or work aswell.

    Infact I did this so well in one job that my position was no longer necessary since I was a support staff for a secretary, who thanks to my new systems didn't need the support anymore. So they sent me elsewhere, but my feelings got hurt so I told them to stuff it.

    I do all of this though, at the same time as still being the friendly zany clown that is my current type.
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    Often it is said that SJs are very serious on the job, but that they can turn it off at home, as if by a "switch." That didn't seem to make sense to me at all, but when those times came up in real life, I looked at them and realized I do have a serious mode and a more relaxed mode (but not really the opposite of serious). So I think they were right.

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    I very much try to be an ESFJ at work....stress on 'try'

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    I'm very consistent. I'm too impatient to try and vary myself for whatever reason. I'm not prone to sugar coating things or playing headgames, I detest both actually.

    I am what I am, wherever I may be.

    Love/Hate me in one environment, and all others shall be the same!

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    I don't think it's so much that my type changes, as it is that I'm forced to adhere to systems of thought that are uncomfortable for me. So - on the outside, sure - I probably appear at times to exhibit more "STJ" behaviors, because the management of my department is very... uncompromising that way. They're *all* about checklists, schedules, and taking what's at least nominally a creative (and somewhat unpredictable) endeavor (application development/enhancement) and reducing it to a series of spreadsheets, lengthy uber-detailed timelines, and sign-offs (and, in a frenzy of cover-management's-ass-at-all-costs antics, it's getting worse by the month). I have no choice - and I hate that part of it (it's probably not too much to say that I find it offensive in many cases).

    The article that you referenced really does make a good point, I think - in that there's a significant correlation between how "unnatural" your work environment is for you and the amount of stress it generates. Over the last few years, when my environment's become less permissive of individual methods, I've definitely noticed it. I'm sleeping poorly, am more likely to stay awake at night dwelling on how much work issues anger me, going over likely confrontations with my boss in my mind, etc. Almost all of this centers not around the quality of product I produce or the happiness of our clients... it's all red-tape sort of stuff. The stress, quite frankly, is turning me into a person that I don't much like (not talking type here - just that I'm much more moody and negative than I used to be, when it comes to work).

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    I do this more, especially when talking with my ISTJ boss. I'm very decisive around my ENTP brethren. I'm the one who considers the human element when it's forgotten.

    Basically, I am whoever I'm needed to be, usually in the balancing or contrasting role to everyone else.

    I still thrive on multitasking and creativity, and I'm still pretty laid-back, so my "core essence" doesn't seem to change between work and home.

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