Thank you for your insights and how the inner ISTJ mind works. I think he is still in catastrophe mode as he cut off contact again. He said now it was for good. But when I read between the lines I feel he will come around when he is well. I choose not to mention that if he has stress I can help him. Because as i see it, it will imply he has stress and he might feel criticised. Best to chill out. However, I did write him back that if he indeed wishes to terminate our friendship for good, it is his duty to do this face to face and not by email as he is a gentleman and this sort of dumping is not very polite to say the least. Then we both can have closure in a good way. I mean, we have known each other for a long time and have interacted a lot. I needed to do this as I do have self respect. So far no reply and I let it be. I have had my say too lol. He is indeed very reluctant of taking my help. He will handle it but I guess it won't be easy. Thanks again,
ISFP 9w8