To the relief of the NT's and to the dismay of the SJ's, I'm an SJ, or at least that is what Im sticking to

Anyways, I'll be adding more substantial threads later (I'll be throwing several academic pieces I'm working on this way), until then I'll open up with a lighter thread.

Nominate an SJ who you think fits the bill best for each category.

1) Quintessential SJ?

2) Most Stereotypical (like quintessential but funnier)?

3) Most streight forward?

4) Most organized (I don't know, just pick someone)?

5) Most prudent or profound?

6) Create your own award

In a very undemocratic like fashion, I'm stealing the awards for the most stubborn and most annoying.

This is in short, my version of WARNING THE greeting the SJ community.

Ah, and for more entertainment, here is a commerical made by an SJ

YouTube - Coors Changing ad, version 2 (this guy would win award #2)

(its late, so I won't be responding anytime soon, g'ngiht)