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    Default FJs - What's your holland code?

    For those who haven't heard about the holland code. It's basically a system to measure your interests split into 6 subsections - Realistic/Investigate/Enterprising/Social/Artistic/Coventional. It's there to help people discover what sort of profession they want to go. Various tests can be found on the internet such as...

    Holland Code Quiz
    Oxford CareerFitNow Analysis

    Also what profession/Degree course are you in?

    Code: SI-C
    Current study: Geology & Geophysics
    Desired study: Psychology
    Profession: Err... something in that field would be nice or education.

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    You have finished the quiz and your Holland Code results are as follows:

    Conventional: 12
    Investigative: 9
    Enterprising: 8
    Realistic: 8
    Social: 6
    Artistic: 5
    Holland Code(s):

    Medical records field is what I am in. I love my job as it lets me work at home and I like the challenges. I do want to be more involved in the horse world at some point.
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    * Realistic: 15
    * Conventional: 15
    * Investigative: 11
    * Social: 11
    * Artistic: 9
    * Enterprising: 6

    Holland Code(s):

    * RIS
    * RSI
    * CIS
    * CSI

    RIS Forester
    RIS Mechanical Engineer
    RIS Metallurgical Technician

    Really cool I wish I had this information when I was much younger. I would love to work in those fields. Thanks!
    Johari / Nohari

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    You have finished the quiz and your Holland Code results are as follows:

    * Social: 14
    * Conventional: 13
    * Enterprising: 11
    * Realistic: 6
    * Investigative: 5
    * Artistic: 4
    SCE Paralegal

    Well i did work for a bank for a few years. i am good with facts and figures. I do wish however that i was going to be a car racer (thinking demolition derby). Oh well that will just have to be a hobby in time.
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