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    15 60.00%
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    Junior Member coldbluewaves's Avatar
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    Apr 2009


    ISFJ -

    Type 6 - SO
    Type 9 - SP

    (I think that's right. Heh.)

    Btw, i'm a moron and i accidentally posted (deleted the post) and voted in the NT thread when i was viewing both at the same time. Sorry. Could a Mod possibly fix that (my votes -- 6 and 9.)?

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    Member Tea Party's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    4 SO


    4 SO

    6 SP

    1 SP
    "I feel so strongly that the deep and simple is far more essential than the shallow and complex." -Fred Rogers

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    :) INFtha14's Avatar
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    Dec 2008
    6w7 sp/sx


    4 sp
    6 sx
    9 sp

    i'm a 6w7 sp sx so though believe me looked over those heavy theory books over and over did the six thing too kept doubting it was my E type but then realized nothing fit as good as good old 6w7 same feeling that comes with isfj fits almost too good hehe.

    pretty cool too see other isfj's and sj's
    What is Feeling?
    Feeling is primarily a process.....that imparts to the content a definite value in the sense of acceptance or rejection. In the same way that thinking organizes the contents of consciousness under concepts, feeling arranges them according to their value. Feeling, like thinking, is a rational function, since values in general are assigned according to the laws of reason...
    (Carl Jung, Psychological Types, Chapter XI - Definitions)

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